Friday, October 01, 2010

Windows ©©

Through my eyes, my mind has been
To places I have seen
People I have met
Feelings that I’ve felt

In my mind I have recorded faces
Time passing my way
Memories created from each and every day

In my soul
I feel what fills an empty hole
An essence that could only be given
But not stolen by a hand of sin

I walk down a path
Littered with people’s wrath
Dodging bullets from the shadows
From those who no one knows

In the end, as it was from the beginning of this cruel game
All that matters is the same
From dusk till dawn
A reason to keep going on

Through my mind, my eyes have reached into your soul
Looked to see what fills your empty hole
Is it what’s in mine?
Or what I slide into you from behind

In our minds we are free
Trapped in our souls by that which we want to be
Prisoners of time
A slave to what I want to be mine

In our souls we know
What we feel will only grow
Our essence will mingle together
It’s scent lasting forever

Through my eyes, my mind can see tomorrow



Kay said...

not quite empty, yet not quite full....

sigh... yip.

itisi said...

I really love this one!

Opaque said...

Like the analogy