Saturday, October 02, 2010

Just Ice ©©

Yes, yes, yes
Ok, whatever you say
Here, take it
Take it all

Just leave me alone

It’s all yours
I’m just borrowing it
They control mind and life
It’s all yours

Just leave me be

They use their power
The way they want
Power we gave to them
Power they turn on us

Just leave me free

They take what they give us
Take more than they need
Even our young
To do with as they so please

Just go away

They push and push
They’re taken it all
All but my soul
That I keep until the day I die

Just the way it is

We bow to the powers that be
The ones that make our nose bleed
Our masters
But we are not their slaves

Just wait and see

They tell us what to do
How to think
Lock us up behind bars or red tape
When we don’t.

Just until I get loose

One day we will tire
People won’t bow
But stand
Stand against the machine

Just so we could start from the beginning, again and again



Opaque said...

Hmm... I understand this...

nc said...

..IcE. :)