Friday, October 08, 2010

The Letter ©©

It arrived one day bearing it’s insides for all to see
Unannounced and unexpected
Yet it was
But still, a surprise

It’s edge sharp as a Damascus blade
As were the words hidden inside
Or not
They may be a sweet as the scent emitting from within

The name on the front was mine
The writing unfamiliar
The name on the back I knew
But not what was inside

A message in a bottle
A call for help
Maybe a lifeline away from here
A reason to exist in another realm

On the mantle it rests as I pass it every day
Dust falling on it as the days turn into weeks
Months and years
30 to be exact

Caked with the years gone by
My name is still on the front
Its scent faint but still there
It arrived one day unexpected

I didn’t know what to do
So I left it on the mantle
No way to call for relief
Not until..

Until I opened it up and pay the phone bill



Kay said...

haha.. yip. that sucks. hate those letters.

Opaque said...