Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Stealing A Tomorrow ©©

I look up at the night sky
Feel the cold tears of a child fall against my face
Dead dreams raining down from above
Soaking my soul

The reflection in the puddle below is weathered by time
Beaten by the unforeseen
Elements hidden beyond each bend on a road with no end
Elements unhidden but in plain sight, yet invisible to those in a hurry

Racing off into the unknown
Blinded by desire
Crashing into doors without the keys
Breaking in to steal a piece of tomorrow

Dusty roads lay ahead
Not the dust of time
But the ashes of those before
Those who came to grasp at a dream

Few footprints mark the path in the dust
A path leading to everything, to nothing
Through the valley of doubt
To the land of make believe

The sky is dark but for the stars and the moon
Urging you on with their dancing glow
Their celestial embrace
A sparkle of hope where it had faded away

Through the grey jungle, the smoke and smell
To stand among those before
Throwing paper dreams at the walls of Jericho
Only to watch them float away in a river of tears

Locked doors and no key to get in
Looking back my footprints have blown away with time
Only the dust remains, the moon and stars
Urging me to steal a piece of tomorrow


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