Thursday, October 14, 2010

...Of The Soul ©©

The night was silent
A cool breeze swept in off of the lake
Its soft flesh caressed my face as it embraced my body
Sending shivers of fear and pleasure of the unknown through me

The scent of the place I was before rode its tale
A quiet reminder of what was left behind
The sins of the past
Hopes of the future

Running away like a thief in the night
From those that know who you are
Not from those that know you
To a place where you don’t exist

With the moon to show the way
A road paved with hope and desire to follow
A hunger for freedom to feed your soul
The wind to push you forward

Sweeping deserts away
Bending forests to point the way
Over hills and mountains
Across space and time

Running from yesterday
As tomorrow’s dawn hunts me down
Chasing what’s on the other side of tomorrow
While escaping from yesterday

The sweet taste of today
Free of yesterday
Yet a prisoner of tomorrow
Escaping reality

But you can’t leave
There is no place to go
No place to hide but inside



itisi said...

brings back memories.

Kathryn Magendie said...

always wonderful to come by to see the creative innards of you here...*smiling at you*