Monday, October 18, 2010

Dimentions ©©

I sit back in my chair looking across the street
The sun is out
People walking back and forth
Even the hooker, all plump and stout

At the doorway I smell the scent of the flowers
Cars passing by
Children playing in the yard
A junkie screaming he’s going to die

On the porch I feel the wind on my face
The dust stinging my eyes
Squirrels playing in the tree
The hooker showing me her thighs

On the sidewalk the world passes by
Barefoot and bleeding from toes to heels
The concrete feels cool
Littered with condoms and needles

Red footprints lead to the corner
A blur in time
To the four corners of the world
When it was all mine

She looked at me from across the road
Winked then smiled at me
“Twenty for a fuck” she said
I said, “Life sneaks up behind me everyday for free”

I follow the footprints back
Up the porch to the doorway
Inside to my chair
Looking across the street as the kids play


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