Thursday, October 21, 2010

Blowing Smoke ©©

Alone among the smoke and the rubble
My world as it has become
This is not what I remember
Not what was meant to be
It can never be the same again

What was once free is now for sale
What belonged to me was yours
Our souls were not ours
Becoming kindle for others
To burn for their comforts

Cattle to be grazed in a concrete world
Corrals in squares among squares
Inside growing circles on a dieing globe
In a dark universe
To an even darker existence

Is this how it has to be?
What can we do?
It’s a lost world
Drowning in hate and fear

The wind will blow the smoke away
The rain will wash the ashes down the drain
But it won’t be the same
Something will be missing
You and me


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Opaque said...

Nothing lasts forever, eh?