Monday, November 01, 2010

Chasing The Beginning ©©

How do I find my way back home
When all the street names are all gone
How can I return to what I left behind
After I ran off to chase a hollow song

I didn’t know there were unseen rules
Rules made to be not in your favor or mine
I didn’t know we were meant to be used
Used and abused for our time

Where is there left to go
A place where time has forgotten to steal a piece of what was mine
Where has it all ran off too
Hiding from yesterday’s thoughts and my mind

The spot remains
On the ground from where it can never go away
The burden changes from season to season
But it’s here forever waiting for me to come home to stay

How can I go back home
When the names have all faded away
How can it be
I’ll just have to go see if I can find the way



Opaque said...

I am sure you will find a way...

Kathryn Magendie said...

Always such poignancy here, with a hint of sadness and longing

shadow said...

our hearts ,find the way as i struggle in same