Tuesday, November 02, 2010

What You Can Never Have ©©

North, south, east and west
Down many roads and avenues
Through deserts, over mountains
Across vast frontiers
I came
I saw
I moved on

I have loved and died a thousand times
I will die a thousand more
To find what I’m looking for
What, I will never know
I’ll just know where to go
What to do
Not why

Where I will go
I don’t know
No matter where I go
I will always search for what is missing
Something I don’t have
It’s not faith or love
It doesn’t exist what I seek

For thousands of years
People have searched
Generations have perished in it’s quest
Disappeared in its shadow
Sacrificed all for something that doesn’t exist
Something that could never be
A word you can’t touch or taste

Through the dust of time I search
Wading through the ashes of those before me
Searching for what can never be had
Never owned or given
Hidden not far but close if you’re not afraid to look
Not afraid to take the chance
To find what you’re missing, what you can never have


Post 500


shadow said...

don't know way to where you are

Anonymous said...

oh how life ,could open up to give fresh start ,to love ,share our lives as we both know and believed it should been ,I been trying get back to you ,

the days turned to months
now my heart weeps ,as I can't feel you ,near as always held .

I am scared

I never wanted ,you out my life ,Listen to many things ,you speak of me .

maybe I've loss

A Truth that beats with my own Heart ,will be

Two Fools that kept pushing each other away
Two fools ,that wouldn't pick up a phone ,or talk

two fools ,with a smile
Let go

rest our lives
those two fools
will always feel those beats of
"our hearts "

wiping away my Tears ,Screaming with my complete Soul to be Heard
I Love You

My Dreams ,you will always be ,maybe in life ,couldn't be together ,as I would gave

was no one that was there to Listen

Was always there ,to fix me

Was none that accepted ,after hearing truth

there was many that was there to Judge

As ,it must of seemed ,my heart ,felt nothing

as must seemed things I done ,was heartless

dreams ,you shall be ,with me that ,holds no judging ,only accepting ,with love ,we always knew

IzzyGumbo said...

and so marked on my screen is youth
ever more.