Monday, November 29, 2010

Blindsight ©©

I watch the world spin past my window
The different people traveling in the same directions
Following the same path with different destinations
With different endings to each step

Each an adventure written down in history
Written in blood and sweat
To the four corners I watch some reach for destiny
Others surrendering to time, cursed to watch through the hourglass

I watch as the skies turn gray
The air bitter and cold
As the living colors dissolve into dust and ash
For the winds to blow into tomorrow

I follow a crack in the glass
To the center of the fog I created with a single breath
With a finger I draw a dream
Void of color and sound

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust
Time melts away the seasons one by one
Inside the fog I hide from the nothing
Free from the burning rain and the crying silence

I watch saying nothing
Breathing against the stains on the glass
Hiding what I don’t want to see
Silence, my sin to bare

We light up the world with a smile
We shut it off with a slap
Inside the fog we disappear
To hide our despair

Looking out the window I do nothing
Drawing a line across the crack one last time
I watch in silence as a trickle of color runs down to the bottom
As I lower the blinds on another dream


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