Monday, November 22, 2010

Madness ©©

Thunder pounds against the night sky
As lightning rips it’s belly wide open
Guts and blood pouring from high above
Raining down the tears of our sins

The child of our kind
The offspring of bitter minds
Born from the loins of a whore named Hu Man

HA HA HA it laughs at its mother
As it swallows up its brothers and sisters
Shitting out the bits to feed the madness
More food to feed the insanity

The cocks spread the seeds of destruction
Fertilizing the cunts they force to the ground
That cry out the armies that go out to die
Drowning the rest in the crimson tide from the sky

Red rivers flow across barren deserts
Sandy beaches littered with the empty shells of rotting flesh
White to red
Where are the souls of the dead?

The fires of hell boil the spilt blood for us to inhale
Getting us high to contaminate our minds
Sending us out of control for more
More to feed the need

Thunder pounds against the sides of our minds
As the jagged lighting stabs us in the eyes
Until we are blinded by madness
The lust for blood and more souls to consume

Smoke and ashes will fertilize the seeds of tomorrow
Erasing yesterday and today
Spawning new caretakers a millions years away
Or another plague like us


1 comment:

Shadow said...

this IS madness. war is madness. war in the mind, is hell.