Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Shadows ©©

It’s gone
All gone
Everything there was
Every dream from the beginning

Slipping from trusting fingers
Falling out of reach
Falling into strange hands
To be imprisoned until the end of time

Forever lost yet never forgotten
Out of sight but not from this one heart
Forever trapped
A thorn left to torment what’s left of the soul

Everything to nothing
From forever to never
Pulling one string of the heart
Turn off the moon hanging in the sky

Gone with the fading light
Across the long horizon
Left to ride the seconds to another time

Switch off the moon
Shatter it to pieces
Unbind the pain from a dieing heart
Set free a tormented soul

Empty skies remain
The stars lay hidden behind dark clouds
Their falling tears drown the ending of this song
Washing away a past for a new beginning



Shadow said...

is it possible to wash away the past?

Heff said...

To answer Shadow, YES.

This work reminds me of when my portable hard drive crashed last week. I lost 6 YEARS worth of personal pictures and such.

You CAN wash away the past.