Thursday, December 09, 2010

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Today slips into yesterday
Yesterday dissolves into memory
Leaving only ghosts
Left there to haunt us from the shadows

Specters chaining your soul to events written in time
Some painful, some not
Lost dreams, unfulfilled desires
Moments bleeding from within

From oblivion to eternity
We tear our souls apart
Not because it’s what we desire
But because we crave to feel life

To see what these eyes have never seen
Touch what hasn’t been felt
Tasted the bitter sweet lips of time
While nourishing an existence

To reach out and touch the hand of love
Feel the slap of rejection
Bleed tears of pain
As freedom brings a fresh breath of joy to inhale

Tomorrow hasn’t been written yet
Not with a pen, just a pencil
So it can be erased
Until the words are what you want to hear

Today slips into yesterday
As we write a tomorrow in the book of time
Chasing dreams on a horizon
While holding tight to what we have


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