Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Two And One ©©

Two dark shadows
Two dark shadows and a spot of light on the ground
A spot of light and two dark shadows
A spot of light, two dark shadows and no place to go

Two dark clouds
Two dark clouds and a ray of sunshine in the sky
A ray of sunshine and two dark clouds
A ray of sunshine, two dark clouds, shocking

Two high mountains
Two high mountains and a lush valley
A lush valley and two mountains
A lush valley, two mountains, fertile and inviting

Two tall trees
Two tall trees and a blade of grass
A blade of grass and two tall trees
A blade of grass, two tall trees with roots deep in the ground

Two naked breasts
Two naked breasts and hungry lips
Hungry lips and two naked breasts
Hungry lips, two naked breasts and ripe nipples

Two oceans
Two oceans and an island
An Island and two oceans
An island, two oceans and raison in the sun

Two of this
Two of this and one of that
One of that and two of this
One of that, two of this and what is left


1 comment:

itisi said...

Well, duh.
What is left is to put the one of that into the two of this. Trust me.
You will like it!
(I know...I am evil.) :)
I wouldn't want me any other way. :)