Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dream In A Bottle ©©

Somewhere out there is what I want
Somewhere not too far
Just a million miles away
To far to walk too but not to touch

Against the night sky
I surf the tails of falling stars
Making wish after wish, the same each time
Wishing you were here

I dream upon a falling star to capture a wish
To keep it in a glass bottle
To keep until I can give it away for what I already have
Yet can’t touch but in my dreams

Wishes become dreams
Dreams are the wishes we follow
The path leading to where we want to go
To where we want to be

I want to leave my thoughts behind
To move in with my dreams
To get lost in my desires
Until what’s real and what’s not is entwined into what is us


1 comment:

Heff said...

I tried to move in with my dreams once.

I quickly got KICKED OUT.