Friday, December 24, 2010

Morpheus ©©

Days bleed into nights
A curtain falls across the horizon
Separating what’s real
From what’s not

I watch from the shadows
As the sun’s dieing rays claw the ground for one more second
It’s fiery rage casting light on all the faces
Revealing their true identities.

The teacher, the Satanist
The doctor, the butcher
The nun, the whore
The day, the night

Broken chains fall to the ground
Freeing souls from the light
To walk far, into the night
Beyond the bonds of their doubt

Un-tethered desires to explore
To feed a ravenous hunger
A hunger suppressed by prying eyes
By the bonds of strangers

I watch from the shadows
As time passes by and the moon melts into the earth
The dawn’s early light scares away the truth
Leaving only scares to walk past

A ghost forgotten in time
Left to watch a future repeated over and over
Unheard and unseen left to wander through the shadows of time
Knowing what tomorrow brings, again and again…


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