Saturday, December 25, 2010

Falling Off The Rim ©©

Here I am
Looking to the sky for a sign
Again and again
But there is nothing

You come stand by my side
Together we stare at the stars
We call to the heavens together
But no one calls back

Others join us at the rim of the world
All looking up at the dark expanse
Reaching together to touch the universe
But our fingers fall short

All of humanity side by side
Wishing upon the same star
Asking to see what lies beyond the clouds
But we are blinded by personal desires

Man and beast now gather together
As one seeking the future
To explore the universe
But we don’t see the truth

Here I am
Looking up at a reflection
A reflection of the universe
But it’s not in the sky

We are the universe
The sky is just the limit
Something to reach for
Where dreams are discovered



itisi said...

I love the way you write, Walker! And thanks for the Christmas present (Madrugada)!!
And may you discover your True dreams in the new year!

Shadow said...

the sky's the inspiration, we are the makers thereof...

Heff said...

Hope you had a great Christmas.