Monday, January 03, 2011

The Artists Of Tomorrow ©©

Who am I?
Who have I been?
How did I get here?
How far have I come?

Day after day
Week after week
Pushing the months into seasons
Year after year

Decades turn into generations
Generations into a legacy of what we’ve done
Our achievements
Our failures

Am I good?
Or am I bad?
Is success what I had?
Or was it what I wanted?

Who am I?
Who will I be?
What do I got to do?
What do I got to do to be what I will be?

Night after night
Sunset after sunset
Push the moon across the sky
Time and time again

Am I happy?
Or am I sad?
Have I reached the stars?
Or was that the dream?

Will I have what I want?
Or not?
Is being happy that important?
Is it worth everything?

Who are we?
Who are we trying to be?
Where are we going?
Where do we want to go?

Heartbeat after heartbeat
Breath after breath
We are the wind beneath the wings to tomorrow
As we sail into another year

What will it be?
What do we want?
Is it to forget who we are?
Or be what we need to be?

Will we be remembered?
Or not?
Do we want too?
What will it cost?



Shadow said...

i think the answers to these questions change with the passing years.

Dotm said...

Have been reading lots of your poems. Lots of thought and feeling are showing through.