Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Stay ©©

Stay and don’t go away
Stay and we will make each day
Make it what we want
Make it a dream to live
Stay and we will make it a day to remember

A day of endless hours
Forever stars
Blazing sunsets
Scratching at the headboards
Carving out a trench
Deep to the heart

Stay but for a day
A moment
A second of eternity
An hour of existence
Branded against the flesh of the soul

A day stitched into the fabric of time
A thread weaving around in knots
Binding two souls into one
Tightening the seams forever
Into an eternal embrace
Sown into time

Stay and don’t look away
Stay and we'll trace it in the sand
Chase it to tomorrow
Make it wait for us
As we run away from the dawn



Shadow said...

if only that were possible...

itisi said...

I'm mesmerized.