Sunday, January 09, 2011

Let Me Finger You ©©

Yeah you.
No no no
Don’t look around, I’m talking to you

Why don’t you come a little closer
Have a seat
Take a load off
Let me fuck with your mind

Let me take my forefinger and stab you between the eyes
Play with your memories
Tickle your emotions
Stimulate your desires

Let me take your soul in the palm of my hand
Blow a warm breath on your feelings
Consume your needs
Bath your lips with the fruit of you’re cravings

Let me reach in to the core of you
To find what you hide
What you cherish
What makes you what you are

I see what you see
Feel what you feel
Touch what can’t be seen
See what can’t be felt

Who are you?
Who are we?
We are different
We are the same

Close you eyes and open your mind
Give me what you want
Take what I have
Exhale your pleasures upon my breast

Would you like a coffee
Some tea
Would you like me to push my forefinger in deeper
Farther than you have ever wanted to go before

Awakening unknown desires
Forgotten pleasures
Shadows lost among memories

What were we before there was light?
What happened to those memories?
Are they lost?
Or are they the shadows hidden in time

Let me show you who we are
We are the void between two stars that sparkles in the night
The space we fill with our memories
Our desires

Let me mess with your mind
Let us find who we are
A cookie?
It’s for the tea


1 comment:

Shadow said...

i'd like to say yes and i'd like to say no.