Monday, January 10, 2011

The Rabbit Hole ©©

Take my hand
Walk with me
Let’s go to places far and away
The stars as our guide

We can climb mountains
Swim across oceans
Roll over deserts
Dance through the thickest of jungles

Let’s get lost somewhere
A place we have never been before
So we can be found huddled there together
Lost in the dream we created

Sail into the sands of time
Carving a path to a flaming horizon
To the end of eternity and over the edge
Surfing the long white clouds back to the beginning

If we don’t let go
We will be together once more
Life after life
Forever and ever

To the end of time
All the way to the end of love
To the beginning
If you hold on to today


1 comment:

Shadow said...

i'm all for surfing the clouds!