Friday, May 13, 2011

Waking Up ©©

I woke up one morning
Looked out the window and there she was
Waving me over
Calling me out

I sat up in my bed to look
To look outside at the bright sun
The birds singing
The flowers smiling back

I walked to the window
Opened it wide
Climbed down
Then began to run

I ran and ran and ran
I ran until there was no place left to run
So I lay down on the ground beneath my feet
To smell the scent in the air

The clouds crawled across the sky
There was a boat and a old man
There was an angel
Dancing with a devil

An eagle soared up to the sun
Flying into the center of its core
Before exploding into a million flames
It’s ashes floating to the earth to rise again with the early morning sun

The stars twinkle
Winking naughty thoughts at me
A bashful moon hides behind a wandering cloud
Peeking down when I pretend to look away

Rolling to my feet I slowly walk back down that road
The one that brought me here where I started to run
Back through the window to wait
For the early morning sun to rise once more


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Isha Ethera Tirawa said...

Interesting piece really.
And thank you for the comment <3

xoxo -Isha