Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tortured Escape ©©

Say what you got to say
Do what you got to do
Run if you must
Walk if you can
Just don’t stop
Keep existing

Don’t lie down and give up
Search for what you’re looking for
Find what you want
Keep what you have
Throw away what you don’t need
Release what ‘s imprisoned inside and be free

Listen to the wind
Find the sounds you know
The sounds you love
Go deaf to what hurts
Then be enlightened by what you learn
Liberated from what you never believed

Dance to a tune you orchestrate
To a rhythm you tap out with each step
Each beat
Every snap of your fingers
Coast along roads of emotion
Free of regulation and integration

Unfold the arms across your breast
Feel the rhythm of time
The luxury of a breath
The scent of existing
Be what you need to be
Live as you wish and only die when you must


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