Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Not Lost, Not Found ©©

Hey drifter
Where have you been?
What have you heard, seen?

Where are you coming from?
Where are you going?
Can I come along, down that long winding road?

Times are slow and I
I have no place to go
Just down that road, to tomorrow

Into the night
Chasing a golden moon
Holding the sunset on its right, the dawn to its left

Chasing the moon
Until it catches me from behind
Falling out from the void between the light and day

Down that long road
Drifting between day and night
Searching for the whore that brought me here, then walked away

How we suckled her sweet nipples
Felt the warmth of her bosom
The cold emptiness, when we looked away

Hey drifter, where have you been
What have you heard, seen
Did you see life, she used to be mine at one time


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