Thursday, April 26, 2012

Haunted ©©

Here I sit missing something
A feeling, a touch
A sound
Something I have grown accustomed too

I sit here awkwardly in my chair
Wondering why isn’t it as comfortable as it once was
When the universe was right
Life was balanced

Here all alone I feel what I had
I feel what I didn't have anymore
I feel time passing by clawing at my sleeves
The fading sounds drowning my thoughts

I hear the silence of the night
Where there was noise
There is none
The darkness has gotten darker as time pulls it’s curtain across the sky

Here I sit hearing sounds that don’t exist
Whispering cries through the crevices of time
Gone but not forgotten
Missed but not gone



itisi said...

Wednesday morning
3 a.m.

Jona said...

Can't read any more tonight. Although I love your stuff, I am supposed to be healing, finding my 'balance' again, and am not sure recognising so much in your words is doing me good :/

But I will be back :)