Saturday, April 28, 2012

Eve ©©

Today, is another day like yesterday
A day like the one I once knew
Will tomorrow be the same
Or will it be new

Will the sun still be in the same place
Will the moon
Or will they decide to hide behind clouds until tomorrow
Or is that to soon

Will we awaken to nothing
Can the world change in a night
Will it be beautiful
Or a frightful sight

Can tomorrow be worse than today
Could yesterday have been paradise
Is the smoke our rebirth
Or our prize for throwing the dice

The flame in the palm of my hand
Is a mirror to yesterday
Through the smoke I don’t see tomorrow
Only what I fear to say

As ashes rain down
They cover what once was
What will never be again
Covering all our ambitions

Today might be the last day
We won’t know until tomorrow
It might be beautiful
We may never know


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