Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Dark Silence ©©

Here am I
Alone among the sounds of silence
Sounds lost in a world of noise
Sounds never heard
Laughter not shared
Sorrow ignored

Madness engulfs sanity
Hysteria embraces the mind
Fueled by loneliness

Night’s dark curtain muffles the white noise
Leaving the silent to be heard
The sounds of pleasure
Moments lost among the noises of time

In the darkest corner of my mind
I hear what has been buried
What’s been abandoned to decay
To exist as an echo of what once was
Until silence gives it a voice
To be heard within the dieing noise

Here I am
Listening to the silence
Hearing what I don’t want to hear
Hearing what I desire
What I fear
As time sneaks up from behind to whisper in my ear


1 comment:

itisi said...

It's almost as if you have written about my own dark silence...this post speaks my language..