Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Shadows Along The Road ©©

Down this long winding road we travel
All alone with no one by your side
Looking for a shadow going your way
To walk by your side into a future we don’t understand

We need no one but the one we seek
The one from our dreams that haunts our every day
Maybe the one we left behind
Maybe the one we need to find

Into the wilderness we venture
Stumbling through fairytale and reality
Getting lost among the others
Searching for their shadows to show them the way out

For as long as we have been awake
We long for someone to be close
I remember looking for the eyes
That make me feel alright

We dream of a future for more than just the one
A future filled with shadows we know
With faces we can never forget
Shadows that bring you out into the light

Down the road we will find what we are looking for
And when the shadows melt away
There will be someone by your side
Holding your hand as you sail into a future that was but a dream


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