Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dark Lit Road ©©

The air is thin
The sky dark
Not a sound is to be heard
Silence creeps through the night

The darkness draws out the shadows
Released from their prisons
Melding into one dark cloud
Swimming in a pool of confusion among the rest 

A growing void fills with every dream dreamt
Yet empty of thought
Exploding with the light of hope
Yet to dark to see

A darkness that engulfs every belief
Drowning what we have been taught
Poisoning what we know with our desires
Freeing our minds if not our bodies

The darkness gives birth to light
The mother of all hope
The reason to desire
The source of all our dreams

The silence thunders through the dark cloud
Pounding against the walls of the night
Until it’s breached
Leaving us lost against the oncoming headlights of life

The darkness delivers us to the light
Tossing us out to find or be found
Innocent but guilty

We are the shadows that wander within the darkness
Imprisoned by our hopes
Cursed with our desire to be free
To live a dream filled with dreams


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Lora_3 said...

Dreams are wonderful Peter.

Love to you and yours!

Be safe...