Thursday, June 07, 2012

Storms ©©

Lightning streaks across the sky
The crack of it voice reaches my ears as it dies away

What did it say?

Rain fell upon me
Caressing my face as it fell away

Where did it go?

The wind flew past from the north
Wiping my tears away

How did it know?

An owl sat on a near branch
It asked me who I was

Who was he?

The clouds hid the night sky
They traveled to far off lands

Why were they leaving?

The mist crawled over the mountains
Pulling the carpet below my feet with it

Was it pulling me along or following?

The moon peeked from beneath its blanket
Smiling down like an innocent child

What did it want?

A mole ran past my feet
It floundered in a muddy puddle

Why didn’t it stay home?

I can hear a heartbeat in the night
As it flew overhead.

When did the owl and mole leave?

The stars wink down
As I search the darkness in between

Whose pain lives there?

The thunder cracks on the other side of the mountain
But the lightning is lost

Is it forever?


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