Monday, June 18, 2012

A Breath ©©

I see the light start fading away
A blossom falls from its perch
The north wind flows over the mountain
A breath is frozen in time

The moon rises in the east
The sun falls away to the west
A bird flies home
Silence swallows up the noise

Clouds try to conceal a naked sky
Laying on my side
I see the world split in two
The earth, the sky

The body is grounded
The mind elevated
Reality I touch with eager fingers
Desire I reach with my thoughts

What hides behind the tall mountain
Behind the veil in the sky
Under the fallen blossoms
Beneath a glittering heavens

What can’t I see, yet feel
Sense but can’t touch
Catch but can’t keep
Have yet not own


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itisi said...

This is really good! The last paragraph is my favorite.