Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Torch ©©

Clap you hands
Open your eyes
Take a breath
It’s all right

It was a dream
It wasn’t what it seemed
I wasn’t there
You weren’t here

It wasn’t your hair in my face
Your lips on mine
My hands on your breasts
Your legs around mine

It wasn’t our scent in the air
The headboard banging on the wall
The sounds we make together
That happen when the sun goes down

The moans, groans and the laughter
Holding onto you was a dream
I clapped my hands
And you were gone

From the couch
With mittens on I type these words
Trying to get back to sleep
Back by your side

On wrinkled sheets
Like we always do
Melting into a cube of ice
Freezing a fiery torch in time


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