Monday, July 16, 2012

I hear the wind howling in the night
Calling my name
The branches knock at my window
Beckoning me outside

Angry skies challenging with every roar
Daring the spirit to rise for battle once more
Extending a carpet of raindrops
Lightning the way to the shadows

To fight
To dance
To fuck in the moonlight
Until the sun comes up

A breeze clears the path
Embracing every step taken
Melting into the breast of night
Until I am swallowed up and out of sight

Darkness coddles the imagination
Giving birth to light
To dreams
To all the things in between

I take the time to follow a whisper
A wisp lost in the matrix of time
A desire
A kiss waiting to be captured

Stars twinkle in the void
Desires all wished upon
Half finished dreams
All waiting to be taken


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