Wednesday, August 01, 2012

If I Had A Guitar ©©

If I had a guitar
What would I play
What would I say
Who would I say it too

Maybe you

Who are you
Are you young or old
Are you from here or there
Do you have a name

Maybe it’s me

Would it be a happy song
Or one that will hurt us all
Will we all sing together
Or cry our souls away

Maybe it’ll be out of tune

Will it be loud
Will I tremble with every syllable
Or will I just whisper in your ear
The syllables in my heart

Maybe I don’t have one

Will it deliver me from the night
Pull me out of the darkness
Shine a light upon me
For all to see

Maybe I’ll comb my hair

If I had a guitar
Would it have a name
Would it be new or old
Electric or acoustic

Maybe I ‘d pawn it

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