Monday, August 13, 2012

Silent Dreams ©©

There was a place I once found
Hidden in the recesses of my mind
Where the air was sweet
The water cold, pure as rain

I found it through a door in a wall
A hand for a handle
Pulling me farther into a hidden world
A world built within the whispers of time

Roads paved with lush green grass
Sidewalks swam in cherry blossoms
Their alluring scent conveying you up the road
To the foot of a waterfall with a house on its sill

A mist rose from the silent thunder
Mute birds played in the puddles near by
Chattering chipmunks went unnoticed
As did the crying child by the slide

Glistening pools marked the way up
Past rich meadows
The trees bowed as I passed
A leaf landing by my feet

Standing on the top of the hill
The house is to far to touch
With it's awning of water spilling over it's breast
Like a crystal gown whimsically flowing away

Two quick steps to reach with a brave foot
Slipping off the edge
Carried down, down below
Lips silently screaming to the bottom of awareness

A police siren brings reality to mind
Birds frantically protested its passing
A crying child, was it the same one
Called for attention

There is no sound in a dream
It’s so we know what’s real
To find our way home
When we are lost


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itisi said...

All I cansay is "WOW".