Friday, August 17, 2012

Harvey ©©

Standing on the edge of midnight
I see no one else
Even my shadow stands far behind

Demons crawl out of the shadows
From the sewers
From the churches and the cracks in between

On a stage between heaven and hell
Where what’s real isn’t always what it seems but an illusion
A disguise fooling no one

Where breathing is drowning
Drowning is staying afloat
Not being seen is disappearing

A world in an magic show
Where the illusion is living life
Are you the magician on stage or part of the audience

On the edge of midnight
Time is frozen between acts
To find what is real and what’s not

Hocus pocus
Should we follow the white rabbit down the hole


1 comment:

itisi said...

My advice to you? If you do follow the white rabbit down the hole, don't go alone.
I slipped down the rabbit hole once. By myself. It was a very eerie and scary experience.