Monday, October 01, 2012

Valley Of Deception ©©

The stars twinkle softly in the night sky
While the air gently caresses my face
The scent of sleeping blossoms awaken dormant memories
Slowly sending me into the arms of my desires

I lay down on tender blades of grass
Each one bending, catching me as I fall
A mist rises up like a magical carpet carrying me away
Away to a valley where dreams wait to be lived

The meadows are lush
The birds are singing all around
Chipmunks chatter on top of a moss covered log
God and Satan make love in the shadows

Sparks dance around like drunken pixies
Electrifying the air
Bring the dead back to life
To dance and rejoice once more among the living

Yesterday, today and tomorrow exist as one
Blended together as rainbow spread across time
Bridging light and darkness to eternity
As the path followed

When I wake up
The mists have rolled away
The stars are all gone but for Satan and God
They’re still fucking in the shadows for our souls

I hold onto what I want in my heart and soul
Fearing the elements of darkness and light
For it’s what we see and know
That robs us in the darkness

It’s I, us
Who can deliver us from the light
Protect us from the darkness
For there is no evil until we create it

Am I awake, are you
Is this real or just a dream
Is that the wind caressing my face
Or a rat chewing it off



itisi said...

mmm...found my name in it three it except for the sacreligous part..thanks for my Madrugada's been so long...

Walker said...

Actually there is no sacrilege.
It's all about what happens in dreams and in life.
It's like dreaming you find money and hold onto it tight until you wake up and its not there in the morning or asking god for help but not getting until you take the risk.
Damned if you do or damned if you don't.
It all goes hand in hand, our dreams, our desires, our risks and ultimately our tribulations.