Saturday, September 15, 2012

Who We Are ©©

Where shall I go
What should I do
When the world falls apart
And I’m left standing all alone

Will I fall with the rest
Or will I rise above the world
When there is nothing left to see
And I am blind

Who will be left
What have they become
When there is no one to influence their souls
And I am nowhere to be found

Can it be
The voices of the past have died away
Leaving silence in its place
For him who remains to hear

Way, way back in my mind
I get lost with those who I have been
Looking into each soul for reason
Cause for their existence

I am a product of who we are
Molded by beliefs not mine
Cursed with conscience
Tortured by time

I look at the night sky
At the spaces between the stars
Looking for that door
The one to the other side of the universe



itisi said...

When you find that door?
Take me with you...

Shadow said...

a product of another... yeah, to a degree, then you have to stand for yourself. some time.

Lora said...

I live Tortured by Time!

Be safe...