Thursday, September 06, 2012

Shadows ©©

I sit in the dark with eyes wide open
Dreaming of what my heart desires
Engulfed in misery yet still reaching
For something to hold on too

Every day the world comes crashing down all around
Pounding down
Tearing at my any umbrella I might have put up
Leaving gaping holes in the fabric that is my world

The body is battered, exhausted, beaten up
Yet it heals to rise once more for battle
But the soul suffers in silence
Unseen behind dull eyes

Today I wanted to scream “FUCK YOU”
But nothing came out
I wanted to weep but I was to tired
So I sit and dream behind forgotten shadows

I dream of what was
What could be
What will be
What I want



itisi said...

Me too.

Jona said...

Your poems are very good. This one is too close, and has me hiding my tears *sigh*