Saturday, November 10, 2012

Who They Were ©©

Out of the darkness march the shadows of men
Faceless, nameless, foreign to those in need of salvation
Their cadence tapping out a hymn for those who defended freedom
And shed a tear for those who have nothing left but fear

Who are these faceless shadows?
These nameless specters who walk out of oceans, fall from the skies
Climb out from the fires of hell always smiling
Sometimes dieing

They dress like Brits but look like Yanks
Some smell like the French but swear more
They drink more than Aussies
And fight like demons

Most are White
While others were Black and some Yellow
Their faces were young
With no fear in their eyes

Some said they were Maritimers
Yet others were from the prairies
There were Quebecers and some called Newfoundlanders
But they all wore the same uniform

Out of the mists they marched
Bagpipes calling across the bog
Telling those on the other side
Their time has come so they better run

Across bloody fields
Over the backs of the dead
The shadows lead the way to the finish line
They march, they fall, they go on

When the guns of November go silent
The shadows wither away
They carry off their dead without a word
Just a prayer

Who were those nameless shadows?
The ones who came
Those who paid the dearest price for someone else’s freedom
Where did they go when the guns went silent

We will remember those who went to foreign lands to fight
We will embrace those who come home
Honor those who lay down on foreign ground
Still wearing the same smiles they shared

We will remember their sacrifice.

Lest We Forget


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