Friday, February 08, 2013

Getting Lost ©©

I see that road laying ahead
Snaking through the wilderness
Is it showing me the way
Or just luring me to my end

I can hear that banjo twanging my name
Daring anyone to venture into the darkness
Come in and let’s see who gets fucked first it challenges

The forest waves you in
Whispering sweet nothings in your ear
As the witch’s brew bleeds from her knotty breasts
For you to suckle and get lost along the way

Angels turn to demons
Crawling babies to vipers
The dead rise to dance with your corpse
Before they drag your soul into their beds

I see that road
Snaking through time
Fucking the meek
Feasting on the weak

Teeth clenched
With only determination for a shield
Each step forward is a challenge to the darkness
Every heartbeat, fresh meat to be gnawed

This is the only option
There is only one road leading to all paths
One way to go
Or you can stay to rot away

Forward into the unknown
Into the darkness
Into the mouth of the beast
Where only the brave go to be found



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