Saturday, January 26, 2013

Voices ©©

I hear the voices
They are calling me
Am I going out of my mind
Or do I hear the past reaching out

Stepping back I see who I was
How I lived and it was fine
But it was then and this is now
And the boy is a man

The spirit yet battered and bruised
It still glows
Not as intense but the fire still yearns to escape
To erupt into a ball of energy

Shadows dance around with the sun leading the way
Dialing up a breath with every thought
A life with each step into the past
Each beat a second in time

I hear the words spoken by familiar voices
All are one
All are the same but different
Yet the words familiar

The voices calling me are mine
Words I have said coming back
To haunt or remind
Or to show me who I am

Ghosts from yesterday
Guiding the way to tomorrow
Whispering what you want to hear
That the way is right, even when it’s not

So sail away to yesterday
Find tomorrow
Live today and listen to the voices
Yes, they are in your head


1 comment:

Devilish Angel said...

We live in the past and not living at the present moment...