Friday, January 25, 2013

Santuary ©©

Within the dieing embers of daylight
I find myself lost between it’s blazing fingers
They warm the coldness of this existence
While caressing the dust of this day away

Its brilliant embrace swallows up my tiny shadow
Hiding it from the beasts outside
Slowly energizing what was drained in battle to survive
Another day on this plain

As the cloak of flames protects me from the light
A blanket of darkness comes to shield my escape
Taking me where we are all equal
Where we are all the same yet different

I want to be the one in the corner
The one looking out from within
I want to shed away the skin I have to wear
The hide that doesn’t smell like me

Standing in the burning embers of light
I see what can be seen from the other side
I see those staring back
Their souls set ablaze with the setting sun

Generations of suppression claws to escape
Punishing the a spirit locked inside this vessel
Screaming to be heard
Begging to be set free

Is what they say all a dream
Is freedom a word to be dangled on the end of forked tongues
These chains meant to protect
Are the manacles that sentence us to oblivion


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Devilish Angel said...

Made me to think a lot... Well written...