Saturday, January 19, 2013

Frozen Thoughts ©©

When you wake up
Is there anyone out there

When you go away
Does anyone hear you

When you’re happy
Is the world happy with you
When you’re sad
Does it bleed too

When you look at me
Does anyone notice

When I am gone
Is there a place to go

When I walk to the wall
Are you by my side
When I shake a fist at those laughing down
Am I still alone

When we win
Do we ever win

When we loose
As we have still survived

When we swim in the cosmic pool
Our bounty is plentiful
When there is to much
We never have enough

When I am in a crowd
Among an army of drones

When looking in an empty mirror
Where have all the reflections gone

When there is nothing
Is that something
When time stops
Does the world go on



Shadow said...

you ask questions no-one can answer, yet you know you've survived, even though you've lost something... i like!

itisi said...

Such thought provoking questions!
It is strange, our quest for life, even though it can take so very long to get over the pain of losing what we had...or never aquiring what we long for.