Friday, January 18, 2013

Lost Time ©©

Where have you been
Where are you going
What is waiting for you there
Is it something you know or a mystery to explore

Is it far
Has anyone been there before
How do you know
Did they return or are they lost and can never, go home

Why are the skies turning gray
Hiding the light from my eyes
Plunging the world into darkness
Is that rain on my face or my soul crying as I say goodbye to yesterday

Forward with hands for shields
Looking back a river washes yesterday away
Leaving nothing that was
Has the page turned or have I forgotten what was

Into the void I stumble
Tripping over someone’s yesterday
Going farther than some
Were those before brave or fools on a dream

We travel down a path towards the end of time
Fueled by desire and curiosity
Following a dream we found in the least of spaces
Hidden from the world or preserved from the falling rain

Where I have been doesn’t really matter
As doesn’t where I am going
Only time does and how we use it
Will I run from yesterday or to you today

Tomorrow knows what time will bring
Her secrets held close to her breast
Dangling a fat nipple in front of thirsty lips
Will she nourish the hunger within or feed off of my soul

Where does it go when we need you the most
Where have you been
Do you remember yesterday or have you forgotten too


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