Friday, January 11, 2013

Don't Ask ©©

I wander through the night
Lost in all the worlds I exist in
Here or there
Lost everywhere

Don’t ask me who I am
Because I don’t know
Don’t ask me where I have been
Because there is only everywhere and no where

I reach through the fog with my mind
Grabbing at anything
For something to touch
For something to hold

Don’t ask me how I feel
Because I have no words
Don’t ask me who I love
Because you already know

I see what no one sees
I read the novels of all our lives
As they pass by wandering between each realm
Entwining into the fabric of time

Don’t ask me what I have done
Because I don’t want to remember
Don’t ask me what I want
Because I don’t know past what I have

I travel down many paths
Touch many souls
Yours, theirs
Yet never mine

Don’t ask me what’s in your heart
Because I only see what’s in your eyes
Don’t ask me what to do
Because I am not here

Will I wander so far
That I won’t find my way back
When the crumbs of my life turn to dust
Then blow away

Don’t ask me
Because you don’t want to know
Don’t ask me
Because there are no answers, just us


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Devilish Angel said...

How you write such beautiful poems... Excellent...