Sunday, December 30, 2012

When I wake up ©©

Can you hear a snowflake melt away
See a breath disappear
Feel what doesn't exist
Touch a dream

Icicles bleed frozen puddles onto virgin snow
Glass mirrors reflect the sky
Opening portals to what we want when we look deep inside
The mirrors of our souls

Will we see who we were
Who we wanted to be
Who we have become
Or just a spark lost in the shadows of time

In the arms of the angels we make in the snow
We fall carelessly into tomorrow
Forgetting the troubles of today
Entrusting yesterday to guide the way ahead

In the morning when the sun is high
The mirrors melt away
The icicles are gone
As are the angels

The sky is still there as am I and you
Are we eternal or just imprisoned by our dreams
Have we laid down all tangled up with hope
Or have we slipped on a puddle of our tears

How can we grasp at what is not there
Wish for a wish to wish upon a star
For something that only exists in a valley
A valley of dreams and desire hidden away in our minds

This is where we lay down
In a field of dreams
Waiting for the sky to open up
Before the ground swallows us down

What is real
What is not
Am I here
Was I ever

What if this is the dream


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