Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spaced Out ©©

Laying back I look far and deep into the night sky
Looking for what is not there but in my mind
Hiding in the darkest recess with all the lost memories
Safe and forgotten

I’m not searching for answers
Questions I have many
It’s nothing in particular
Just something

A fleeting thought left to randomly appear unexpectedly
To distract, to entertain a dead end mind lost in the reality of time
Entangled in the throws of life as hollow seconds pass by
Their echo fading away into the darkness

The sky is full yet I always look at the dark spaces
It’s there where all dreams are born
In the space between the stars
Now if I could only remember what I had for dinner


1 comment:

Devilish Angel said...

We always search for something which we dont have in life... Finding the answers for the questions we get in the mind...With out these things life is empty...