Monday, March 25, 2013

Blink ©©

Right left back or forward
A step in the right direction
Maybe not
But a step is better than none at all

With every blink
There is a different sight
Sometimes it’s in the day
Sometimes at night

A movie of a life
Passing by frame by frame
Some scenes longer than the rest
When we try not to blink and just rest

Through rain, snow or sand
Barefoot through the grass
Over hot coals
Stepping into time

I have been right
As I have been wrong
I have been blind
But now I can see the insanity of me

Life is an asylum
A madhouse of people taking steps
None going in the same direction
Or as far

What direction will you take
A step to the right or left
Back or forward
What is it you want to see

Is it the past or future
Or you can come with me
But just for a while, long or short
Because every path is just for one after all


1 comment:

itisi said...

I will take the long path with you.