Friday, April 12, 2013

Wanton Soup ©©

I just want to do what I want to do
Be who I want to be
But I can’t
I want to go where I want to go
See what I’ve only heard
But I can’t
Barriers stand in the way
Some physical
Some not but barriers just the same

I want to speak my thoughts
Say what must be said
But I can’t
I want to live as I want
Feel freedom as it was meant
But I can’t
Walls stretching to the heavens
Constantly closing in all around
Imprisoning all freedom

I want a world without borders
Without religion
But I can’t
I want to wake up in the morning
Where everything is right
But I can’t
Rules, written and unwritten
Freedoms spoken…
But I can’t

I want to stand on the edge of time to see
To see what will be
But I can’t
I want to fall into the abyss
To find answers
But I can’t
It’s not always about what I want
It’s what you want
We, but never us



itisi said...

If we could step through the invisible barriers, overcome the physical ones, and break the rules, written or self-imposed, then I am thinking we could meet in the field between "right doing" and "wrong doing", and just be us.

Devilish Angel said...

There is no barrier to find the answers to your questions... Its just brain game... We cant change others but we can view other people in our own way...

Walker said...

Life is a brain game.
With the prize being control of your brain.
Who controls yours?
How you think, believe.
We all say we do but do we?
If you dissect every aspect of your being you will always find that someone or thing with its finger in your brain.